Thursday, 9 August 2012


Job Title: Diabetic Programme Manager
Job Location: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Moshi, Tanzania
eports to: Head of Eye Department, AusAID Donor, Head of Diabetic Clinic,
Background of the programme:
Diabetic Programme is a six years initiative implemented by KCMC Eye Department in collaboration with Christofel-Blinden Mission, 14 selected health centres within Kilimanjaro. Diabetes is a growing problem in the developing world and the number of people with diabetes in Eastern Africa is expected to reach 1.4 million by 2025. Many of them will develop complications such as blindness, suffer strokes from poorly controlled blood pressure and undergo amputations which can be prevented through the appropriate screening and treatment.
The Diabetic Programme has so far made significant achievement towards improved access to health services for people with diabetes through trainings of health care providers, creating linkages and coordination between the different components of diabetic care and rehabilitative services and dissemination of information in the community at large.
The programme has been effective in highlighting how effective management of diabetes can reduce the prevalence of blindness and other complications and has established a Diabetic Tracer bank where patient information is stored in a central data base.. 
Position description:
The programme manager is to lead the way forward in reinforcing and reaffirming the established positive model of preventive and curative care for diabetes in Kilimanjaro Region through coordinating activities for the comprehensive and sustainable diabetic program. This will involve training workshops, the screening program, community education and the establishment of diabetic clubs through the participatory action of stakeholders using organisational structures already in place in the community and at the referral hospital.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Assist in doing needs assessment of diabetic patients and diabetic service providers.
  • Creating information sheets that increase referral and accessibility of services to high risk patients.
  • Develop PR material for public awareness campaigns, and plan for radio and poster distribution throughout the year.
  • Strengthening capacity of local partners- identification, and skills improvement, planning meetings, and annual reviews.
  • Setting up and improving counselling services for diabetics. Training and re-training community workers and health care professionals at the hospital and in the community in counselling procedures
  • Provide training workshops for health care-workers in the Kilimanjaro Region- on eye complications, other forms of disability of diabetes( feet, kidney and other micro-vascular complications), nutritional lifestyle/education,  and rehabilitative services for health care workers, primary & community based workers, doctors, nurses and support staff in the Kilimanjaro Region.
  • Review and refresher  training workshops after 2 years for health care workers at KCMC Hospital, DRS in the 6 districts of the Kilimanjaro Region, and private practitioners
  • Provide supportive supervision for nutritional trainer and community and hospital based counselors
  • Report to donors as per funding agreements
  • Prepare monthly progress reports to be submitted to the relevant hospital departments and AusAID
  • Monitor the budget for all programme activities and produce financial reports as required 
  •  Qualifications:
  • Relevant academic qualifications i.e. public health, anthropology, nursing or social science with sound knowledge of public health best practices
  • Masters degree preferred in relevant discipline
  • Experience in program management: planning, management and evaluation of programme work
  • Knowledge in diabetes and eye care
  • Extensive experience in collaborating with a variety of stakeholders-  local ministries, community based organisations, NGO's, government entities and the community
  • Familiarity with project cycle management formats- activity based budgets, and using these as primary source documents for  monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in using log frames, developing annual plans, preparing narratives and financial reports suitable for co-funding
  • Valid driving license desirable
  •  Key Behaviours:
  • Fluent in English and Swahili
  • Familiarity with project cycle management formats-activity based budgets, and using these as primary source documents for monitoring and evaluation
  • Experience in using log frames, developing annual plans, preparing narratives and financial reports suitable for co-funding
  • The ability to communicate and network effectively; to work professionally and with rigor in a challenging environment
  • Ability to manage a local team with widely varying competencies
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Understanding of sustainable development
  • Understanding of right based approach to disability
  • Intercultural knowledge and sensitivity and ability to communicate with a range of different stakeholders to advocate for change
  • Strong inter-personal skills and ability to motivate people
  • Team player and good communicator
  • Committed to the project for a minimum of 3 years 
  •  nly short-listed candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview
    - As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage women to apply.
    An attractive remuneration package will be offered to the selected candidates.
    Candidates who meet the above outlined criteria should apply in writing to the undersigned endorsing with fully typed curriculum vitae, photocopies of certificates (secondary, diplomas, and degree) and testimonials. Applications should reach the undersigned by 30th September 2011.
    P.O. BOX 3010,
    TEL: 255 27 2754890